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The GRAB N’ GO® Organizer is Made in USA

We are proud that, from start to finish, all facets of the process to create the GRAB N’ GO® have taken place in the USA. We work with USA-based product design companies, molding companies, manufacturers, web development, marketing and packaging suppliers to bring the GRAB N’ GO® Organizer to you. The GRAB N’ GO® Organizer is made of general purpose crystal polystyrene, available in white or smoke, it weighs 2.5 lbs.,and has dimensions of: 14” Length x Width 7.5” x Height 5”.
The GRAB N’ GO® Organizer consists of the following:
  • 1 GRAB N’ GO® Base with 3 compartments, each 4.25” by 7”
  • 1 GRAB N’ GO® Top with 3 compartments, each 4.5” by 5”
  • 1 GRAB N’ GO® Caddy (pens, pencils, and sticky notes not included)
  • 1 Preprinted set of 6 labels to attach as directed
  • 3 Additional blank labels, should you wish to replace any preprinted ones
  • 1 Direction sheet for set-up and use
  • The GRAB N’ GO® can be easily cleaned with a moist paper towel.
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