Grab N Go Organizer

The story of the GRAB N’ GO system.

My frustration with misplacing and searching for everyday personal stuff has led me to come out of retirement and start up my company, Finder Enterprises, LLC. The GRAB N’ GO is aimed at solving these problems. The device is compact and has six labeled compartments; it lets you know that an item is missing by just one quick glance.

“A place for everything, and everything in its place.”®

—Ray Westphal, Finder Enterprises, LLC CEO

The GRAB N’ GO system encourages good habit formation.

Good habits. Great improvements.

Studies show that it takes consistent, daily practice to form a habit. According to the American Journal of Psychology, the process by which new behaviors become automatic is Habit Formation. Old habits are hard to break and new habits are hard to form. But it is possible to form new habits through the daily repetition that the GRAB N’ GO enforces.

" is possible to form new habits through repetition."

Simplicity is its biggest strength!

The GRAB N’ GO system encourages the formation of new habits through repetition that aids us in keeping track of our everyday essentials.

In The Power of Habit, bestselling author Charles Duhigg explains that the process to form and change habits consists of three steps: 1. Cue, 2. Routine, 3. Reward.

The GRAB N’ GO system uses these three steps to help you form a new habit:

  1. Cue: seeing the GRAB N’ GO on your dresser, table, desk or kitchen counter
  2. Routine: putting your essential items in their assigned compartments
  3. Reward: having the satisfaction that everything is in its place and ready for you to “GRAB N’ GO”

It is important that you use the GRAB N’ GO system routinely, making sure to place and retrieve your essentials every time you arrive and leave.

Soon enough, the good habit will become just another reflex.

Just take it out of the box and start. You will find yourself using it without thinking. That’s when the system really starts to work!

It’s about knowing where things are.

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